Tips for your dog photoshoot

I love to photograph a doggy photo session.  I’ve got a list of a few tips to help you get the most out of your session.
before and after editing in a dog photoshoot

Before and after editing in a dog photoshoot

1) Lead. There is no need to let your dog off lead during our portrait session unless you are comfortable that we are in a safe place to do so. Photoshop magic will remove the lead in close up portraits.
2) Collar & Harnesses. Please can your dog not wear a body harness during the session, they just don’t look good in photos and cover too much of the dog. A simple well fitting collar is good, without too many tags hanging from it. If you prefer that it looks like your dog is not wearing a collar in portraits then get a ‘show lead collar’ which is made of narrow cord and may either hide under your dogs fur or I can remove it with photoshop magic.
3) Treats. Please can you bring some favourite food treats, that we can use to reward your dog for standing or sitting or running where we want him to. Something of extra value will get the most attention eg cooked chicken.
4) Toys. Does your dog have a particular toy that is likely to make him look at it eg makes a noise? That’s very helpful to get him to look at the camera.   A ball would also be good to get some action shots of your dog playing.
5) Personality.  This is your session, to show your dog at their best so include anything that you do together that are special to you!


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