Outdoor Family Photos

A portfolio of inspiration for adventures outdoors

Outdoor family photoshoots capture lively children at their best, keeping them active and having fun during the family photography session.


We will spend our time exploring and photographing your family, not saying “Cheese” ! When the kids are having fun then we get the real and natural smiles.

Outdoor family photoshoots are great for children who are on the move, from toddlers to teenagers. Babies are welcome too, for family cuddles and playing on blankets. Outdoor family photoshoots are also great for maternity portraits for couples waiting for their first child, or second third fourth or fifth!


You can choose a place that is special to you or I can suggest local locations that look great according to the time of year. Vibrant photographs come from those favourite parks, exploring a countryside haunt, or even the buzz of the city when the family are all having fun.

How does your outdoor photo session work? For more details on how I capture your most precious moments let's chat and I'll send my family photography brochure.

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