Newborn baby photo props. Do you need them?

What no props!!!

The question I get asked most often for newborn baby photo shoots is do I bring props.  Well my answer is no, no props required!

And do I use baskets, hammocks and pots to put baby in?  No, I feel the best place to photograph baby is either in your arms, or on a sofa, bed or playmat.

My photographic approach is natural lifestyle for all ages, so for newborns we go with baby relaxing in their home environment.   And there is so much to capture at home, we don’t need any gimmicks to make baby the star of the show!

Newborn twins wrapped in handmade blankets


So what DO you need for a baby photo shoot?

I bet that you already have loads of new things ready for your new baby.  And the best way to make this all about your baby’s first days is to use those carefully chosen clothes and blankets that you have.  All too soon they will be too small!

  • Baby clothes are optional:  Certainly find baby a few changes of outfit, but I find the best way to show off those little arms and legs is dressing in just a nappy or a vest and wrapping in a swaddle or blanket.  For baby’s individual portraits I often wrap baby, which can easily be adjusted to keep baby snuggled and cosy or opened up to show more of your delightful cuddly baby.
  • Backgrounds: A blanket, play mat or bedspread makes a good background for babies individual portraits.  I have a few neutral coloured background blankets, but don’t assume we have to stick to neutral.  If you love bright colours at home, use them!
  • Ideas for wrapping baby: Any baby blankets or fabric, including those too special to be used everyday.  Even material that isn’t good for baby to use alone can be used in a supervised shoot, such as sequinned and bright fabric scarfs or hand crocheted heirloom blankets.
  • Family shots are often a mixture of wrapped and clothes, so here is where your baby’s wardrobe will get used!

All the photos on my website are created in clients’ own homes, check out my newborn baby portfolio on my website for more examples.

If you are considering a newborn photoshoot the best time to book is before baby arrives.  Trust me, you won’t want too much to think about when baby is here!   Contact me to have a chat about it now!




For more details on how I capture your most precious moments let's chat. Ask for my family photography brochure!

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