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Are you looking for a nursery photographer with a natural and relaxed style of portraiture, and efficient and effective ordering for parents? Jenny Burrows nursery school photography service is ideal for babies, toddlers and children at pre-schools, nurseries and schools. Especially designed for smaller nurseries or schools where you want the personal touch.

You can choose a style from more formal with a backdrop or in the classroom or outdoor playground locations.   Whatever the children’s age or needs we work to get relaxed expressions for artistic photos parents love.

How do the nursery photos work?

  1. Book a date

    There is no cost for the nursery school to book photos. Book a date and tell me all about your setting, and together we can arrange all the details.  Do you need a class photo, staff photos or photos of your setting?  All can be arranged.

  2. Nursery Photo Day

    I’ll be your nursery photographer and on photo day I’ll set up my pop up studio background and lights. We’ll arrange small groups of children to come in and get their pictures taken, and I may end up doing some crazy things to get those little smiles!

  3. Proof cards

    When the proof cards arrive all the nursery school needs to do is make sure they go home with the right child.

  4. On-line ordering

    All the ordering and payments will be handled on-line, and I’ll be available to answer any questions parents have. Parents have a link to a private ordering gallery with multiple poses to order their nursery photos, with a selection of traditional prints and fine art products to choose from.

  5. Picture delivery

    Photos arrive back at the nursery school packaged and ready to hand out to parents.  Parents also have the option to have their order posted directly to their home.

  6. Profit share

    Your nursery school receives an agreed percentage profit share from the sales.


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