Bubble portraits – a recipe for fun!

Bigger.  Bigger.  Bigger.  POP!

More bubbles, more Daddy.  Bigger bigger bubbles Daddy!   Chase them Matthew!  Chase them Thomas!  Catch them!  Pop!

Bubble chasing outside in the garden is one of the twins favourite activities.  A good excuse for bubble portraits.  Great fun in even the smallest of spaces.  But the bubble mixture never lasts long enough, especially due to the tendency for the little ones to forget about holding the bottle with the top at the top.  So today I did some research on the all knowing internet and found a recipe to make my own bubble mix and it worked really well

  • 1 teaspoon sugar 
  • 1 tablespoon glycerine
  • 2 tablespoons washing up liquid
  • 250ml warm water

Stir the ingredients together gently until well mixed.   The washing up liquid makes the bubbles, use a good quality one (you might need a bit more if you use a cheap runny one), the glycerine and the sugar make the bubbles last longer.  If you are going to use a bubble machine or make very large bubbles you might need to make a stronger mix – for todays bubbles with a bubble sword I used twice as much of the additives, or half as much water!  Glycerine can be bought from pharmacists, though you could try with just more sugar if it is tricky to find.

bubble portraits



Source: Bubble recipes http://www.babysavers.com/how-to-make-bubbles/ 

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