Children’s event photography – Twins and more in Reading

The plan – to photograph with 20 sets of twins (plus siblings and triplets)  – sounded like it could be a crazy day!  As a mum of twins I know how much mayhem one set can cause!  But all the kids were kept well occupied playing and having a great time at this lovely children’s centre in Reading, followed by a fun picnic. I love capturing the natural fun interactions between the children, they were all so friendly that it was hard to keep track of which pairs were twins and which were friends, so please forgive any ‘fake twin set ups’!  I enjoyed meeting a couple of little stars who would have been happy to pose for me all day and were quite disappointed that I had to stop and photograph another 19 odd families too.

I was delighted to be invited to photograph twins and more for TAMBA with some children’s event photography.  TAMBA is the Twins and Multiple Births Association a charity that aims to improve the lives of families with Twins, Triplets and more – see their website for more.

Children's event photography

Many thanks to all the parents who helped me and provided your precious twins as models.

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