Twin birth story

I was asked by TAMBA  to photograph these very special twins. TAMBA is a charity supporting Twins and Multiple Births, now called The Twins Trust. You see, Kiaan and Kush were the world’s first twins to be scanned using TAMBA’s Twin Pregnancy Growth Charts.  These special charts will plot measurements of twin growth in the womb more accurately allowing for the fact that normal for twins is smaller than singletons, and so prevent unneeded early deliveries.   More details are on TAMBA’s blog about this development they funded.

The most exciting operation in the world in my mind is a c-section.  I just couldn’t say no to the chance to photograph a twin c-section birth. I was slightly nervous since the only other c-section I attended, 6 years ago, I was at the other end and had a curtain to prevent me peering at my tummy when my twins were born. I don’t think I wanted to see it at the time but it certainly gave me a reason to be curious.

A c-section feels so fast, there is just one person being operated on then suddenly there were 2 extra people in the room. Two lives at their very beginnings. The miracle of birth, no matter how it comes about, is amazing.

Here are links to some of the publicity we have received…

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