Unique twins photo project

"One set of twins. Two unique people."

What makes twins unique? Parents of identical twins, same sex twins and sometimes even boy/girl twins may be used to the question "how do you tell the difference between them?" Or "which one are you?


From the moment of conception they have their twin relationship, sharing each other’s space, sharing their birthday, their parents and home.

I want to bust the myth that twins are identical, even for the identical ones!


I have created this project of some of the many sets of twins I have met and photographed, giving us a small glance into their worlds.


Part of the unique twins project has been exhibited in Ruislip twice, and also published in the Twins Trust national magazine 'Multiple Matters'.


If you have unique twins and would like to know more about participating and letting me tell your story, let's chat!


As a mum of twins I know all about the special challenges that parenting twins can bring, and I have photographed lots of them! Take a look at my twins portfolio for more.

In partnership with the Twins Trust I also offer a special twins discount - just quote your membership number when booking.

Baby twins being held by dad

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