What is the best age for baby photos?

This is a question I get asked often! My answer may be that all ages are cute and different, but that might not be helpful!

So I’ll try and tell you the pluses and minuses for each age to help you choose!

Newborn – 5 to 14 days old

  • FOR –  This is the ‘traditional’ age for newborn photos.  At this age most babies will be still sleepy, tiny, and curl up into that tiny  cute newborn package.  All babies are individual though, and it does depend in part on gestational age.    If your baby comes early this phase may last longer.
  • AGAINST – The main problems with booking your photos early would be if baby was still learning to feed, or if mum didn’t feel up to moving around.  Of course if baby comes later than expected and your session is too early you have the option to reschedule your photo session with me to a better date.



Older Newborn – 2 to 6 weeks

  • FOR – I rather like the older newborn phase, as babies this age will open their eyes more and maybe even focus them – being in the right place gives a great baby stare.  They will tend to be harder to put down and sleeping poses might not work. However we can take lots of lovely pictures in parents arms.
  • AGAINST – The main problems at this age are if baby gets baby acne, changing hormones leading to spotty skin.  A few marks are easily photoshopped, but with extensive spots it may be better to wait a few weeks for them to fade.


3 Months

  • FOR – The first 3 months changes from a newborn who couldn’t even focus on your face. A 3 month old baby is watching everything and exploring the movement of their hands and feet. Smiles are starting and gurgles and funny expressions are likely at this age.  Your baby may be looking more chubby and has better control of where they look.
  • AGAINST  – Smiling is still a new skill, and maybe happens randomly rather than easy to generate for photos. Baby might not look very different from an older newborn until they master sitting up, which immediately makes them look much more grown up!


6 Months

  • FOR – Beginning to get the hang of their bodies at this age babies will be looking around, maybe sitting and some are crawling.  You have probably discovered exactly what games and tickles produce smiling and giggling.
  • AGAINST – There is a wide range of normal physical development at this age.  If your baby is quick off the mark you might want to grab these photos a little early when baby is sitting and not crawling away.  Not all babies are confidently sitting though, and we might need some careful position of cushions for safe sitting.



One Year

  • FOR – At one year your baby is growing up! Every baby is different but common milestones are standing, cruising or even walking, and they are certainly going to love interacting with parents.  We can also include special birthday shots such as a cake smash to celebrate this time.
  • AGAINST – Gone are the days when you could put your baby down to pose where you want them – we need to entice them to where we need them with toys or peek-a-boo, or play follow the baby!  This is when the job of the photographer becomes very quick paced!

So what do you think? What would be the best age for baby photos for you?   The most common ages I photograph are newborns, sitters at about 6 months, and at a 1 year celebration.

If you want to capture 3 or more of these ages, then I do a special baby plan package just for you – find out more!

Twin babies growing up

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