10 tips for choosing a newborn baby photographer

When you are expecting a new baby, I bet you are ready to get snapping phone pics on day 1 for all the family to see.

But how can you guarantee that you get display-worthy photos of your precious newborn while there is – quite frankly – chaos, as your life is completely taken over by a small person?

How about letting a professional take care of your photos while you take care of the important things – like milk, nappies and sleep!

There is so much choice out there for newborn photographers – it’s hard not to get overwhelmed. I’ve put together a bulletpoint list to help you decide what is important to you when choosing a photographer to capture your new family member.

1) Style

Does the photographer’s style match yours?  There are a wide range of styles in newborn photography, ranging from natural lifestyle photos of the newborn and family to highly stylised and posed images of the newborn in special newborn props.

  • Posed is what you might think of with props, baskets and sleeping babies. Many poses rely on baby being deeply asleep, which is why these photos are usally only done with babies below 2 weeks old. Many poses must also be done as composites, where in order to keep baby safe 2 pictures are blended to remove supporting hands.
  • Documentary is photographing real life as it develops. Also known as ‘day-in-the-life’ photography, the photographer will photograph moments as the family go about their normal activities of the day.
  • Lifestyle photography for newborns is usually in your own home.  This means photographs of your real life, gently guided and posed to bring out your best side! This will usually include close up details of baby, but in poses guided by baby themselves. The rest of the family are also involved and this is a great style for capturing older siblings playing with baby.  Below are some examples of lifestyle photograph with newborns.

2) Portfolio

Does the photographer have a portfolio showing images of a variety of newborns sessions?   Do you look at it and want those to be your photos?   Chose someone whose photos you love, and you are likely to love your images too! A blog can show a wider range of images from individual sessions.

3) Experience

Does the photographer have experience in newborn photography? Working with newborns is a special field as it is quite different than a session with older more active children, so look for a photographer with experience with newborns to get attractive images in a safe and fun way.

4) Location

Newborn sessions are generally held indoors, either in a studio or in your home.  A session at your home means that you don’t have to get baby out of the house in those tricky early weeks, and can be especially useful for including older siblings, and for lifestyle sessions where your home is part of the images.  Studio sessions give you access to the photographers props and may concentrate only on baby.

5) Who can be included

Mum and Dad and siblings are very important in these pictures of a newborn joining the family, but would you like to include grandparents or any other special people too?  If so check if this is allowed, and if there is an extra cost.

6) Personalisation

Would you like to incorporate some of your own ideas and props into the session?  For example to celebrate your family heritage, your family home or pets. Look for a photographer who likes to experiment with different shots to include your special items.


7) Price

Check what is included in the session price – you will probably want to buy additional images after the session.  Does the photographer have a clear price list available so you can plan ahead for image purchases?

8) Products

Are you interested in purchasing finished art for your walls?  Check if the photographer offers a full service option to design your finished artwork.  Alternatively if you know you want digital files to share and print yourself, are they available?

9) When to book

Newborns photos are tricky to plan for, as it’s best to take their first images in the first two weeks to catch them at their tiniest and especially if you want the sleepy curled up images.  It’s best to book your photographer in advance so that you don’t have to worry about it in the busy time after baby has arrived, and to guarantee the photographer’s availability.  Check what happens to your booking if baby is early or late, can you can confirm the date and time when baby has made an appearance?

10) Growing up sessions

Would you like to have the same photographer capture your baby as they grow up?  Do they offer a package of photo sessions for this?



I hope this helps you in choosing a newborn baby photographer to suit your family.  If you are looking for natural images with your newborn that are as individual as your family, then take a look at my portfolio of natural lifestyle newborn images taken at home.  If you like my style then check out the session and product prices and get in touch to talk about your personal ideas for your photo session!


For more details on how I capture your most precious moments let's chat. Ask for my family photography brochure!

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