Find the best bluebells this spring – three beautiful locations

As spring warms up I am looking forward to our yearly woodland bluebell display, and I want to share with you where I’ve found the best bluebells near West London.  The perfect background for spring walks and of course spring photography!  These early spring flowers can be found in April and May and create one of nature’s most stunning displays but they can be hard to find, returning yearly in some locations and not found at all in other seeming identical woodlands!

Look for ancient woodlands of deciduous trees, where the bluebells appear just before the tree’s leaves shade out the sunlight.  Please remember that bluebells are a protected species, though they appear in their thousands in some areas their habitat is quite rare, they are easily destroyed and hard to regrow.  Please don’t pick the bluebells and stick to the paths to avoid walking on them, to protect them and allow everyone to enjoy their beauty.

3) Ruislip Woods

Bluebells are found only in a few small sections of Ruislip Woods, but when you find the right spot there is a great display.  I recommend entering the woods via the entrance at the junction of Sherwood Avenue and Broadwood Avenue.  This wide path with wooden boardwalks can be muddy in winter but is easy walking once the weather is drier.  Within a hundred meters walk the bluebells can be seen on the right.  The main path leads to the lido beach after about 15 minutes walk, so it is a handy shortcut when the Lido is busy in the summer.

Bluebells in the woods

Map of entrance to the woods via the entrance at the junction of Sherwood Avenue and Broadwood Avenue.

You can read more about Ruilslip Woods from Hillingdon Council.

2) Merlin’s Woods

A part of Whippendell woods in Croxley Green, there is a beautiful display here.   You can see bluebells galore from the road, and a wide path directly from the car park (parallel to the road) takes you through the thick woodland, totally covered in bluebells.

Map of the car park which can be found by driving up Rousebarn lane from the south and parking at car park by the barrier.

You can see more about Whippendell Woods from the Woodland trust.

1) Micheldever woods

Further afield but worth the trip, this is the best bluebell woods I have ever seen, the trees are particularly beautiful and the expanses of bluebells are vast.  The bluebells are not immediately visible from the car park, follow the main trail past the wooden play area and continue, veering right, for at least 20 minutes walk.

Family portraits with Bluebells in micheldever Woods
Map of the location of the Micheldever woods car park.

You can see more about Micheldever Wood from Forestry England.

More bluebell information

Here are some good links for more information about bluebells in the UK and bluebells in west london.


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